The Country Club of Bristol

Bristol, TN

Private Club

The Golf Club of Bristol is not only the birthplace of organized golf in Tennessee, it is one of the oldest clubs in America. The Club was originally formed in 1894 by Boston native and area newcomer, W.O. Came and several of his local friends. In fact, until a clubhouse was built, the basement of the W.O. Came home was used as a locker room. Moreover, it wasn’t until 1933 that the Club actually owned the property it had been using. For forty-three years The Club survived on the generosity of friends and Members such as Mr. Came.

The existing 18-hole course was constructed in 1958 by A.G. McKay, a golf course architect from Morristown, Tennessee, on land which was then known as the Gray and Bentley properties. Titles to the Gray family tracts derive from land grants in the year 1800 by the Commonwealth of Virginia and were signed by James Monroe, who was then the Governor of Virginia. In 1999, the course was reshaped by the Mark McCumber design group; the changes were executed by Course Crafters, who was also responsible for reshaping Augusta National. The ladies and gentlemen of the Golf Club take great pride in keeping the rich tradition alive and well.

Great care has been taken to restore the golf course to championship conditions and several major projects are underway. Among the planned clubhouse renovations are the creation of multiple new dining experiences including outdoor dining, bar and lounge areas that take advantage of the panoramic views of the golf course.